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Home of the Sims Transmogrifer - Get yours Today! You too can spend hours upon hours of editing sprites to create your own custom objects.

Welldressed sim - A nice selection for the discriminating sim. This site was the first site to produce the first set of Over Head Cabinets. From new sofas, to granny style furniture and victorian lamps, the site is truly Well dressed. New updates every Friday - loads a different and assorted objects for your sims. The owner is currenly working on creating totally new couches, but there are plenty of new Stuff for your game.

HomeSims - Loads of home made lamps and objects including a singing teddy bear! With a new design the site has truly out did their self with new objects including a new stove, candle holder, and paintings. Also offering the Art studio bug counter.

Jenny's homepage - Plenty of new objects made from scratch, including the Bethoven statue seen in my banner, the promised amphora from SimBabes, and an assortment of New paintings, not cloned from the game. Including some weird stuff too. - Recently added Overhead cabinets that go with the ones already in the sims! Very realistic and work great and look great! Plus loads of sets a same color furniture. Now featuring the Viper in red and marble style counter set and table. A very useful  program called Sims Object ID to check to see if an object has an uniqe ID number.(Available in French and English) - tons of recolored objects, including an indoor topiarie, a ballon lamp, and new fabric-ated white loveseat. Offering a new unique object every week, past weeks including a globe and a country hutch. Numerous assortment of other objects.

KillerSims - Great Department store for your Sims. A wide range of accesories and items will have you marveling through the building situated in dowtown Sim City. Who said the sims didnt have holidays? Also look for the Dog and Parrot and they mysterious yellow drug. And dont leave home without sampling some of the sushi and dont forget to pick up your very own fire! - Plenty of Homemade objects like gargoyles and buddha. All made from scratch. All objects are 100% working and make a unique addition to any house. The Ophelia statue complements any outdoor garden. Also home of the invisible stairs and a bunch of new lamps. Dont forget the cow! Also get your own laptop computer and new aquarium not cloned from the game. - download your Coffee table needs here, with matching end tables. Colors include oak, redwood and black.

The Sims Gallery - Plenty of objects! was the first who offered the lime couch in White/purple and the black citronel chair. PLenty of objects now! Including a whole new design of Meet Marco computers! And cool new color pooltables.

Chris's Sim Stuff - home of the newly renovated Teleporter, which makes the teleporter more Sci-fi looking. Also the safari sofa and other objects.

Slinks Borrow - the first in Purchasable Babies, tombstones, food and even Mailboxes! Carpe Diem! Their line of Gold Bathroom products and Window will make an expensive yet unique addition to any estate situated on lot 1 and 2. Recently added Golden televisions oughta enhance your reception. Also Get your own buyable and stayable cars available exclusively here! You've seen them in the car pool. Now own them! Did i say all their objects are hexed edited? Dont forget the welded bird!  And the mysterious counter unearthed recently. - You can get the Sims first working chandelier here.Cool color assortment of objects.

Objects Sims - Visit my objects here also! My elder transmogrified objects are here.  Plus lots of cool appliances for your sims, like the black kitchen set. Also available the Lime Green couch in various colors for your sims pleasure! One for each mood.

ValeriesSiMs - A growing selection of paintings, 14 so far and all look great and are made with the Art editor.

Coasters - The first in New objects for the Sims. Coasters proudly allowed users to download a new statue and pumpkin for the Sims. Now they have sucessfully transmogrified ordinary sims furniture to fit the house they create. Including matching objects for the kids bedroom. An excluive rights to a new set of paintings.

Roman Sims - A blast from the past.  Roman Sims allows the sims to be transported back to the days in which all roads led to Rome. This is truly one of the first sites which offers a theme in its objects. All of their objects are made to replicate Roman Times. - Cool halogen and desk/bankers lamp available here. Also a real cool plant and plenty of multicolored lamps. This site has taken off! With plenty of cool new objects, including counters with cabinets and an assortment of paintings.

The Sims Warehouse - Offering anti-gravity tables and speakers, The Sims warehouse also offers a stool for your sims sitting purposes. Also offering Christmas Hedges and trees! Just in time for Christmas in July! Also new christmas trees and a special christmas fireplaces, for free! It shows their dedication to it visitors. - Doors, stairs, couches and even fireplaces in assorted funky Colors! Great selection of furniture plus sets! - One of the first sites to offer transmogrified objects.

Spiral Sims - Where else in Simcity could you get the Ketchup Statue, the fountain that flows green, and blacklight and black door for your sims? Its the spencer gifts of Sim City. - some files available. Unclear though what they are.

Sims - doghouses, apes, and even a wheel chair for your sims!

Sim - Plenty of Neutral color items invites these objects into any sims home. Also the home of the Imperial Lamp Post. - Cool assortment of  different colored plants, appliances and couches. Plus posters tons of other objects!

Sim Store 2000 - you can get some of the promised Simbabes objects here! Plus loads of others!

The Jeremy Reaban Gallery de' Sims - Turn your sims home into a museum with Paintings that have taken the world by storm. Suchs classics include the Last supper and Flaming June.

Simcorally - Lots of objects in different colors. Just keep your eyes open for objects that may not truly belong to the owner. Cool assortment of objects. The hottubs have a tye dye feeling. The bathroom set looks like someone turned out the lights and placed a black light on and had an all out rave in there! A ton of other objects as well.

Jeremy's The Sims Pages - Nice selection of paintings for your sims, but not just any regular ole paintings but famous ones that have taken the real world on. I got my dogs playing poker here! - Not much yet, but a cool assortment of funkadelic fishtanks! - Not much yet, but the childrens bedsheets have been changed. Very cool looking and looks promising! - Tired of plain ole landscaping? well turn that front yard into a floridian adventure or a desert excursion by downloading realistic palm trees and cactuses. Also get your Coat racks here! - Great selection of multicolored objects from all over simcity! - where else in simcity can you get the cheap door with a stain glass window? Huge selection of Living room items.

Sims Stuff: Art East Gallery - Nice selection of paintings. - nice selection of different color dining room sets. Look really good plus tons of awesome sports wallpapers.


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